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chevalier des baronnies
Manufacturer: Ilyad Games
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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chevalier des baronnies

chevalier des baronnies

Hello everyone, here is a new one I have painted over the last week. It's another one of the Ilyad minis that I managed to grab before they all disappeared - why oh why! They are such nice miniatures...and this is another great one to paint, sculpted by the master JAG.

There are a few minor changes to the model: the head is a plastic GW one instead of the plumed helmet, because I like to have a bare face...more fun to paint. And I filed off all the sculpted detail on the shield so that I could have a blank surface - I prefer that, it allows more creativity.

The stonework on the base was made from fimo.

There are more, larger and higher quality photos on my site, and also a short explanation about the colours and methods used etc. for the painting.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed the painting!

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Viewer comments:
#419592 Rating: 10 15 May 2014
Stunning work!
#274249 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2008
absolutly fantastic! the colors! the light! awesome!
#272805 Rating: 10 16 Oct 2008
i wish i can vote something above 10
#266003 Rating: 10 29 Jul 2008
Phenomenal work, I love the cloth and the metals, great lighting! I love it!
#265304 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2008
Simply amazing !!! Great work Sebastian ! Ciao
#263976 Rating: 10 6 Jul 2008
Seb, when are you coming to Texas to teach me how you do it? Seriously man I'll take a whole week off just to get some time with you to learn! I want to know everything! How you paint, how you sculpt, how you create your bases! Magnifique! C'est tres beaux mon ami!
#261962 Rating: 10 15 Jun 2008
I cannot get over how the bottom portion of his tabard transitions for light to dark so dramatically with such smooth results. DId you sell your soul to paint that well?
#259238 Rating: 10 20 May 2008
#259216 Rating: 10 20 May 2008
Great work!
#258821 Rating: 10 16 May 2008
AAAWWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!!! GOD BLESS....................Vincenti






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