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Epic Skarre
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by Ap0k


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Epic Skarre

Epic Skarre

A commission piece for a friend.

I removed the steampunky backpack at his request, since he wanted something a bit more realistic in the form of a glossy red, winged backpack. I also left the horns off to try and keep the model looking more human. New hair was greenstuffed on to fill the gaps.

Painting wise, this was awesome fun, and I learned a lot. Really pleased with the face in general (eyes were a pain in the ass!), and I've been trying to take my blending and directional highlighting a bit further into a more ambient feel, rather than the edge highlights of old.

Freehanded raven on moon emblem on the coat turned out quite well in my opinion, and overall I'm pretty pleased with how she's turned out.

Comments and crits more than welcome

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Viewer comments:
#339796 Rating: 10 3 Feb 2011
It is in fact a spooky tree. This was a commission for my wife and while these pix are extremely good, they really don't do justice to holding this in your hand. It is THAT damn well done.
#322524 Rating: 9 20 May 2010
A truly fantastic paintjob - and those eyes!! But what the heck is that thing sticking up from the base? Is it supposed to be a tree?
#258319 Rating: 10 11 May 2008
One of the most beautiful pieces I've seen (by you or anyone, in truth.) The attention to detail is amazing, even down to the fine brushwork of the eyes and face. I think the self-sculpted scenery suits the model perfectly with its complementary colors and shape. Last but not least, the unique conversion for the winged backpack is a great fit for the model and still sits comfortably with the figure's overall "feel." Brilliant!
#258200 Rating: 10 10 May 2008
It's truly one of the finest examples of your work yet, Ap0k. It's a shame this isn't better ratings, (8.8 avg isn't justice for work of this calibre).
#258184 Rating: 9 10 May 2008
Love what you did with this one. I kinda wish I was your friend.






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