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Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by Tercio Creativo


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Figure made by "Tercio Creativo", a group of scultors and game creators. It's an order for a forest elf army.

Figura esculpida por "Tercio Creativo", un grupo de escultores y creadores de juegos. Es un encargo para un ejército de Elfos del bosque.

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Viewer comments:
#280085 Rating: 10 6 Jan 2009 really should let this mini be cast. It has a flawless look and I bet it will sell quite a few.
#267564 Rating: 9 18 Aug 2008
WoW amazing, kinda reminds me about Davy Jones!
#259201 Rating: 9 20 May 2008
I would love to own this guy.
#258621 Rating: 10 14 May 2008
Fantastic! I want one.
#258620 14 May 2008
The note about base was a mistake. I thought were showing another image where Treeman is in a base. We are not planning to cast it. It's an order for a client. IT'S THE ONLY ONE IN ALL THE WORLD ;] The blade is thought to be made of wood, but it depends on client, who is the one painting it. Yeah, in original design we where thinking on Cthulhu. It's so obvious? Oh, thanks for notes and congratulations
#258539 Rating: 10 13 May 2008
That's a very Cthulu-esque Treeman! I dunno if that was the look you were going for but it's really cool. Amazing Sculpt, although personally I don't like the big blade thing. I
#258536 Rating: 9 13 May 2008
Outstanding sculpting and use of foliage. 9.5 from me. Lil confused on the "blade" arm. Is that going to be metal on the wood? Great piece none the less.
#258480 Rating: 9 13 May 2008
1 for your sculpting, 8 for the base....But seriously....... Great looking tree man, a lot better than the standard fair that most companies are putting out. P.m. me if there are any plans afoot to cast it. Great job
#258471 Rating: 10 13 May 2008
acojonante sergus, de lo que has modelado hasta ahora es la mejor para mi gusto. La cabeza es simplemente perfecta... muchas felicidades
#258463 Rating: 9 13 May 2008
Now that is a cool treeman. Probably the best I have ever seen. What I am confused by is that is notes a base, but I don't see one.






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