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Evil Dryad
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mrika

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Evil Dryad

Evil Dryad

She won the Master's category at Reapercon.

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Viewer comments:
#275473 Rating: 10 15 Nov 2008
Beautiful and dangerous looking... Impossible for me to like this mini more than I already do.
#264211 Rating: 10 9 Jul 2008
I was fortunate enough to see this at ReaperCon and it's stunning - a well deserved win!

#261270 Rating: 9 6 Jun 2008
I love this atmosphere, well done but the stomach doesn't look good anough.
#261048 Rating: 10 4 Jun 2008
This one blew me away at Rcon. Amazing work.
#260875 Rating: 10 3 Jun 2008
The lighting effects are amazing! I envy your talent.
#260600 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2008
This miniature and the way it is painted brilliantly reflects what I consider to be the concept of a Dryad. Great atmosphere!
#260564 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2008
I almost missed the tentacles when I saw this mini. So very disturbing! Just what a Dryad should be... gorgeous at first but then you notice the creepy bits just as the knife slits your throat. At least you die happy.
#260481 Rating: 9 31 May 2008
More great stuff from the destroyer! I love the tenticals. Really adds to the creepy-crawly nature of this otherwise beautiful model.
#260420 Rating: 10 31 May 2008
extemely neat and with a great colour choice... my compliments for the work, and gratz for the prize!
#259889 Rating: 9 26 May 2008
congrats marike..i've been waitin' to see a painted version of this sculpt since i saw the green on reaper...very naturalistic tones throughout...i'm sure it looks 100% cooler in real life...






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