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The Hell Rider
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Home Of CadaveR


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The Hell Rider

The Hell Rider

This is a test model, part of a commission of a whole unit of Black Knights for a Vampire Counts army. I used a plastic Empire Knight for the main part of the conversion and lots of greenstuff and milliput to create an ethereal look. I don't know if I managed to achieve a ghostly and out of this world look, that was my intetnion anyway...

I tried to use a limited palette for this one and I think that the colour sceme is quite satisfying.

I would like to hear what you think on this one as I am trying to create the appropriate feeling to make a whole unit of these fellas...

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Viewer comments:
#300075 Rating: 9 4 Aug 2009
Great stuff! I love it ! The armour looks great.
#268224 Rating: 8 26 Aug 2008
I really love the conversion you did. It is original and executed very well! Excellent
#264356 Rating: 6 11 Jul 2008
Well boy but there are some imprecions.
#263743 Rating: 7 4 Jul 2008
very good, i like it, but the metals are a bit bland, look up my article "oxidising, weathering and the like" try that on the metals here
#262543 22 Jun 2008
Thank you for your kind remarks! Your feedback is greately appreciated!
#261759 Rating: 9 12 Jun 2008
absolutely fantastic! it looks very ghostly and fierce
#261752 Rating: 8 12 Jun 2008
great idea and really effective, i think the spirits could be a bit sharper but otherwise its a good job, look forward to seeing them all done






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