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Urban War: Johana (militia character)
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Category: SF

by Vulture


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Urban War: Johana (militia character)

Urban War: Johana (militia character)

Hi folks,

The mini was my entry for this years ChickChallenge and now that the voting period is over I am finally allowed to show her around.

I titled the work "BOOBY(trap)" because I liked the ironic humor, her rather prominent female features on one hand and the meaning of the english "boobytrap" on the other side.

The model is Johana, a named character for the militia, specially designed and produced by the french gaming club "Sartrouville Figurines et Jeux" (SFJ) for one of their events in 2006 and normally only available there. But I was lucky enough to have the chance to get one in my greed little hands in trade for another limited mini I had.

The mini is made out of resin and usually balances on a bent I-beam but that wasn't what I liked. So I cut her down from the beam, resculpted the kneepad and then placed her on a precast resin base from MicroArt Studio with a needle pin. In the end I also added the barbed wire to give her a reason for jumping around.

The painting was pretty straight forward, following the militia theme I went for a paramilitaristic look and gave her the camo'ed pants. As the writing on her shirt was already fixed and I wanted that writing to be very flashing I went for a bright pink for the shirt (a color I have only used very, very sparingly so far).
The base took quiet a while due to all those tiny details on it but unfortunately that work is somewhat lost on the pics...

Anyways, hope you like her!
Comments and critique are very apprechiated...


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Viewer comments:
#299859 Rating: 8 2 Aug 2009
wow! i traped!! nice work, espacialy the skin!!
#263467 Rating: 8 1 Jul 2008
Pretty nice, though it's a pity the support isn't better "concealed" in the scenery.
#262603 Rating: 8 22 Jun 2008
booby trap... perfect!






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