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Reaper Warlord Knight
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Jason Richards

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Reaper Warlord Knight

Reaper Warlord Knight

This Reaper model was perfect for the object source lighting. The scale like breast plate has just the right lines to hold the lighting. The colours on this model all blend together in an appealing way and they really jump out at you. All in all this is my favorite model that I have done that has not been for GD.

Jason Richards

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#179529 Rating: 9 24 May 2006
this figure is amazing, but... there is one mistake I think- if the blade is burning, shouldn't also his cloak be burning? despite of that the painting is awesome
#121006 Rating: 9 4 Feb 2005
That is exquisite!
#101641 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2004
#64585 Rating: 9 11 Dec 2003
Great work!
#63907 Rating: 6 7 Dec 2003
i never tried this technique, it looks very difficult and very hard to find the right colors and blends, but i don't like it. it never looks right. it always makes me think, whats that strange color on the edges? no offense, but i dont like the technique
#47834 Rating: 10 3 Aug 2003
I love that mini it looks so real. The sword technique is awesome.
#47833 Rating: 9 3 Aug 2003
Beautiful work ... the lighting effect is amazing. And, the choice of armor color is excellent to show off the glow. Great work ... this is definitely a piece I need to remember.
#37067 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2003
Incredible mini. I am surely humbled. I love the lighting effect.
#33231 Rating: 9 26 Mar 2003
I do agree with mortarion : everething is perfect but the sword which should be pure white with shades of yellow...
#32626 Rating: 9 20 Mar 2003
Overall... great job! Your lighting is excellent, but it looks to me that the area under the swordarm on the cloak should have more light. The folds on his tabbard facing the sword should be lighter also.






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