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Thousand Sons Defiler: The Librarium Malefica (repost)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by monkeigh


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Thousand Sons Defiler: The Librarium Malefica (repost)

Thousand Sons Defiler: The Librarium Malefica (repost)

A heavily converted defiler to match the Egyptian theme of my Thousand Sons. Made from defiler bits, a Necron Monolith, lots of plasticard, and assorted model kit pieces I have lying around (including Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5 pieces). The battlecanon is mounted with a rare earth magnet to allow it to rotate, and the Casket of Souls serves as the vessel binding the energies of the machine.

Inspired by the descriptions of Prospero in various fluff sources and the Silver Towers of Tzeentch units from the old SPace Marine game.

The entire Thousand Sons army won Best Appearance at the 2008 Astronomi-con Winnipeg Tournament. Pictures are of the Defiler in action during that tournament.

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#268452 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2008
reminds me of " casino night zone" from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" great color scheme, and VERY different type of conversion!!!! I expected at first to see the same ol' defiler legs, and maybe a new body, but this is seriously different.
#265031 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2008
oh my god!.. should I say something else?..
#263408 Rating: 8 1 Jul 2008
very cool concept it fits the thousand sons theme very well.
#263398 Rating: 9 1 Jul 2008
that is really cool. Matches the army theme perfectly. great work
#263389 Rating: 9 1 Jul 2008
I like it, well done, good theme, and definately great job of sticking to it, adaptive and well improvised
#263385 Rating: 9 1 Jul 2008
So original! It really captures the mystic Thousand Sons flavor. My only beef with the design is the one-sided bracket the cannon is suspended from. It really limits the weapon's arc of fire - giving the Defiler a gigantic blind spot to its left...






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