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Ariel the Wood Elf queen - GD Poland 2008
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Ana

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Ariel the Wood Elf queen - GD Poland 2008

Ariel the Wood Elf queen - GD Poland 2008


This is a commissioned miniature. Most people didn't like the sculpt, but I thought something could be done to make it look good.

Moreover, the customer had a very similar concept of the model as I had.

I wanted to paint her as a kind of ethereal character, glowing with inner light. The right hand and staff were replaced. I hope you like the result.

comments are welcome as always

Bigger and better pictures are available as always in my gallery at

I accept commissions.
If you are interested in having me paint something for you, contact me at:


PS - the miniature won me a Bronze trophy at Golden Demon Poland 2008.

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Viewer comments:
#387426 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2013
you brought some feyness into this =)
#383339 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2012
My daughter is going to expect me to turn up with this mini and paint it to the same standard if she ever sees this pic - eek! Lovely work
#355756 Rating: 9 11 Nov 2011
Love it! painting is excellent and magical!
#355755 Rating: 8 11 Nov 2011
Love it!pianting is magical!
#342181 Rating: 10 13 Mar 2011
Precious work again Ana, as you have to us customary. Congratulations and hugs. Salve!.
#295833 Rating: 10 10 Jun 2009
I don't like the mini (sculpt), but like most of the other posts, I think you made a splendid job. I literally fell in love with it. This is also the reason I've been asking Mahon to have you for painter for my commission.
#275060 Rating: 10 11 Nov 2008
great paint on a crap mini, your skill is with a brush is amazing but this is definitely one of citadel's less elegant pieces.
#273232 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2008
Anything below a 10 would be silly...
#267575 Rating: 10 18 Aug 2008
WoW you are truly great thats the one and only (so far) that has gotten the "10" from me, i rated youre painting, cause i really dont like that sculpt. sculpt only gets a 6 cause of the transvestite look. Cheers!
#267051 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2008
OSL is superb. I'm not sure what the left hand is doing. But if I found this at the bottom of my garden I might start believing in fairies... Truly beautiful, emotional stuff.






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