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Games Day Chicago Skaven Warlord Warhammer Single
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Tinweasel


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Games Day Chicago Skaven Warlord Warhammer Single

Games Day Chicago Skaven Warlord Warhammer Single

This is a Direct Order-only Skaven Warlord figure that I originally painted up for display at the local GW Hobby Center. Once all was said and done, though, I decided I'd go all out with the figure - it really is characterful and has lots of little details that you don't necessarily notice at first glance - and with additional work enter it into the 2008 Chicago Golden Demon competition. This guy probably represents the largest amount of painting time I've sunk into any one figure to date - that's also counting the display base, which had me painting cut paper jungle plants and numerous little triangular shapes for "leaf litter" amongst the greenery to liven up the base a bit more.

I painted this figure from a completely new approach for me, attempting the "European" style of painting, and with the exception of the skin tones and metallics which were built from a basecoat upwards, the remainder of the figure was painted with numerous applications of thinned paints and selective controlled washes of color. I tried to make the Skaven's face and skull on his head the focal point of the miniature, as only those areas have the lightest colors out of the entire figure: the skull on his head is highlighted up to pure white and his skin brought up to a pale yellowish-grey; the remaining fur and skin and cloth areas were darkened down with selective controlled washes of purples, blues, and olive greens.

Feedback appreciated!

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Viewer comments:
#267849 Rating: 8 21 Aug 2008
It looks a little to monochromatic for my tastes but itis well painted. A little more definition at the fingers would help me.
#267330 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2008
great mini and a great paintjob,but i think it looks much better then on the pics.paintjob is awesome,but the colors on the blade and on the rope around the book look a bit too soft i think.and a yellowish touch on the warpstone would make it look even better i think.the plants look like a looooooot of work,but gives the base a neat touch ^_^






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