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"The Gift" Gold at GDLA 2008
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by mattsterbenz

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"The Gift" Gold at GDLA 2008

What could be better than The Gift of Nurgle? It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I had a lot of fun sculpting this piece. I really pushed myself with it, and I will surely be doing more sculpting in the future.

I was very honored to receive a gold trophy at GDLA 2008!

All comments/critique welcomed. I make sure to return the favor.
Thanks for looking!

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Viewer comments:
#289066 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2009
Great contrast between the warm and cold colours and a nice sculpt. I love that decent freehand on the Nurgle sorcerer's cloak. Well deserved Golden Demon!
#284704 Rating: 10 20 Feb 2009
NICE! i love it ... good paintshop, sculpt and atmosphere...but above all: the minis tell a story!
#282222 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2009
WOW! I can't believe I haven't seen this yet! Great work! When I settle down, I'll try to come up with something more constructive than praise!
#279265 Rating: 9 26 Dec 2008
Great expression on the Nurgle Fella A+
#268898 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2008
Great sculpt and some really interesting painting. Congratulations on your well deserved gold.
#268823 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2008
#268274 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2008
"no refunds or exchanges." This is amazing work. As others have said, the sculpt and color choices are inspired. By keeping the nurgle gore to a minimum, it actually has more impact. Congatulations on your success.
#268268 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2008
That is somehow scary... good work! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#268164 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2008
Papa Nurgle would be delighted with this! Great work!
#268148 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2008
I just like this piece .. I'm a nurgle lover and this is about as nurgley as you get without going slime and tentacle crazy. brave decision doing a scratch for GD this side of the pond it seems to be something they are clamping on a bit bt overall lovely.. If I was gonna critique anything it would be to maybe add a little extra ooomph to the base. maggots or fungi spreading .. not that you needed it congrats.






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