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Great Unclean One of Nurgle
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Metal Fingers

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Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Great Unclean One of Nurgle

This model was a labor of love, hand sculpted and painted by myself for practice. Thanks for looking.

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#344141 Rating: 9 13 Apr 2011
Wow... that's uuuuuuuuuum... different, in a good way but... different.The only reason for the 9 and not a 10 is because, well it isn't really plaguey. It's awesome, but I think some more open sores and/ or pustules would be a good step forward.
#329598 5 Sep 2010
Wow, thanks guys! IG, I will be sending you a PM in the near future, thanks again!
#314221 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2010
This is inspirational my friend, really inspirational. Makes me want to try and sculpt myself, absolutely beautifully hideous. Great work!
#296956 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2009
incrieible,,,,de lo mejor k e visto en mucho tiempo
#269927 Rating: 10 14 Sep 2008
Thoroughly disgusting! The effort behind your sculpting really shows. The rippled and sagging flesh is well detailed. The painting is subtle enough not to overwhelm the detail in the sculpt, but doesn't hold back on the putrescence of the character.
#269722 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2008
This is definitely one of the most amazing miniatures i have seen for a long time here. Absolutely everything that ugly demon should look like. Great
#269507 Rating: 9 9 Sep 2008
That's awesome! I really like how you've not gone over the top with the colours, the mini speaks for itself, and the painting just adds to it, congrats Any more views of it? O_o
#269409 Rating: 10 8 Sep 2008
Wow, Great job! This is the best one of these I've seen, way better than the big resin one from forgeworld. if you ever need any advice sculpting pm me, sweet work.

#269397 Rating: 9 8 Sep 2008
Disgusting, I love it!
#269353 Rating: 8 8 Sep 2008
i love! so nasty and ugly! Remember me to the old, old Great Unclean!






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