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Wise Queen - Christmas 2007
Manufacturer: Freebooter
Category: Fantasy

by Wren

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Wise Queen - Christmas 2007

Wise Queen - Christmas 2007

I entered this figure into the Gen Con 2008 painting contest, where it placed Third in the Single Figure category. I’m very pleased about that, as I’ve been trying to place in the top three in a Gen Con category for a few years now. I’ve been working on my photography a bit lately, and I think these pictures are as true to life as I’ve yet achieved.

The main figure is the third in Werner Klocke’s re-imagining of the three Wise Men as three Wise Queens. It is his limited edition figure for Christmas 2007. As with a number of Klocke figures, she is sculpted to be looking in a particular direction, so I added the bookstand to give her something to look at and create a small scene. It is a Reaper piece.

This is the second of my experiments in mixing my own dark skin tones. (You can see the first here.) For this one I wanted a nice warm skin tone to contrast with the pale greens I had in mind for the cloak. I aimed to unify the colour scheme by using the same shading colour (P3 Coal Black) throughout the piece, with the exception of the book pages. Even the base rim and book symbols are painted with a mix of Coal Black and regular black. It worked very nicely to shade the skin. I liked the idea of doing Egyptian-inspired hieroglyphs and image for the book using non-traditional Egyptian colours.

This figure will be auctioned in the very near future off to support the charity fund-raising activities of Newbold Challenge. I’m a little loath to part with her, but it’s easier knowing she’ll be earning money for the worthy causes of Children in Need and Comic Relief.

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Viewer comments:
#277161 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2008
Great! I love her skin and your nmm^^ Cheers
#271154 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2008
Love her too!!! Great skin and face and fantastic colour scheme. The base and the book also turned out great. By the way her lips look very realistic. If you will have the time to tell me how you painted this fantastic dark skin I would be very pleased
#270562 Rating: 10 22 Sep 2008
I like her enormously and would like to add her to my collection so I will definitely join the bidding. Super skin and a great choice of colours. Thanx for supporting Children in Need. I hope she does very well!
#270204 Rating: 9 17 Sep 2008
I thought this one was yours when I saw it in the case! Vey good job! The skin came out very well and the texture on the base looks very nice! Im not too fond of the cloak though. I think you could have done a bit more with it such as freehand embroidery or other simple designs but very nice work nonetheless! Keep up the good work! P.S: thanks for the feedback!
#270188 Rating: 9 17 Sep 2008
Absolutely lovely! The skin in particular is done well. I think the best picture for capturing the beauty of the figure is the last one, actually. The face looks especially nice in profile.
#270000 15 Sep 2008
Thanks for the comments! I normally do handle hair similiarly to how you mentioned, but the hair strands on this figure are sculpted in quite a sharp relief, so I felt (perhaps incorrectly :->) that I needed to go another way.
#269996 Rating: 9 15 Sep 2008
Her hair is perfect! Skin too, awesome. Very cool! Yours, Nikolai
#269958 Rating: 8 15 Sep 2008
I really like this mini, Wren! The skin is excellent and the face, in particular, appeals to me greatly. I agree with Bren about the cloak. I think you should work some colour shifts into the more deeply shaded areas to better define the shape of the thing. Also, the hair doesn't really keep the same level as the skin. I think you should treat the whole body of hair as a solid shape at first and do the shading and a light highlighting of it, disregarding the separate strands of hair. Then, as a final touch, pick out the single stands with even lighter colours.
#269930 Rating: 9 15 Sep 2008
The skin tones are really nice! I feel there's something about the cloak... I really like the pale green but somehow it look just a bit too flat. Maybe just a tiny bit more shading. I like the color of the tiny pot, it matches her lips.






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