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Mexican Palace Guard
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by palmielcore

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Mexican Palace Guard

Mexican Palace Guard

Hello everybody!Here I am with a new bust that I made at 1/9 scale.It is about a new release of Michael Miniatures company and it will come out on the market in late october 2008.This figure represents a Mexican Palace Guard during the reign of Emperor Maximilian who in January 1865 founded a new order known as Order of the Mexican Eagle.The materials I used were Milliput,Magic Sculp,SuperSculpey and Greenstuff.

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Viewer comments:
#272889 Rating: 10 17 Oct 2008
wow, this I call awesome. Fantastic work.
#272654 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2008
So I take it, it's not painted yet? The white putty looks like marble stone! Amazing, that's some true 'terribilitá' going on there.
#272637 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2008
O___O' Stunning! I'm impressed.....
#272623 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2008
AWESOME DUDE !!!!!!!! GOD bless .....V
#272612 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2008
As said in spanish-team forum, this is a work of Michelangelo! Are you his reincarnation?
#272469 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2008
The face is amazing! Looks like a face one would see on a roman sculpture. Very stoic. Excellent job!!
#272457 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2008
that is absolutely gorgeous. the only bit i dont like is the detail on the helmet. maybe just keep the badge on there. thats just my opinion. the sculpt is beautiful. i want one.
#272446 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2008
Amesome... a really great work!
#272384 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2008
simply wonderful.. great great stuff.
#272365 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2008
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW thats all i got to say, this work of art leaves me speechless!






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