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Kay-Finn White-Axe
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by Arjay

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Kay-Finn White-Axe

Kay-Finn White-Axe

This is my 2nd effort using the earth-sky technique, I-Kore minis are perfect for trying new things out on as the detail is very bold. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

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#96909 Rating: 9 8 Aug 2004
Now I give very very few of these out, but you deserve it, that metal work i superb, and has given me a lovely idea :> thanks. Also, you've turned a boring model into something interesting, don't sell this one if you were thinking about it!
#66843 Rating: 10 29 Dec 2003
WOW with a capitol OW! Care to say how you mixed the colors for the nmm parts? Please?
#64834 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2003
That's damn awesome.
#61074 Rating: 6 16 Nov 2003
WoW! My self-confidence is now sub-zero!
#59268 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2003
When I made this miniature I based it loosely on myself...... If only I looked as good as this. You've made a short man very happy.
#55523 Rating: 10 29 Sep 2003
i hate giving tens. i hate it... but.. i... can't... resist 10 IT IS!!!!!! excellent work Arjay

#42238 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2003
Very very nice work on the face
#41719 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2003
Deamn, it`s awesome!!!! How did you do that? Hope you`ll write article about it ...
#37487 Rating: 10 4 May 2003
The Axe head nmm... its amazing. I'd love to see a description of colours and methods used for that. The skin is really good too
#36657 Rating: 10 24 Apr 2003
....WOW see a freak!! Jesus...... a big 10 for the crome nmm!!!!






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