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Kay-Finn White-Axe
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by Arjay

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Kay-Finn White-Axe

Kay-Finn White-Axe

This is my 2nd effort using the earth-sky technique, I-Kore minis are perfect for trying new things out on as the detail is very bold. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#36344 Rating: 10 22 Apr 2003
Excellent! Excellent! This is A Brilliant model and superb levels of painting. Handle needs work
#35165 Rating: 9 11 Apr 2003
Beautiful work on the axe and skin shame the sword scabbard seems to have been rushed slightly and the lettering on it not picked out so well though.
#34911 Rating: 9 9 Apr 2003
Sweet, sweet, sweet! The metals look like you sent them out for chrome plating! How about an article on how you nailed that look so well? nudge..nudge
#34664 Rating: 10 7 Apr 2003
amazing work, Russ! I am impressed!
#34445 Rating: 10 4 Apr 2003
I can't even begin to contemplate how to paint the chrome effect that well.
#34427 Rating: 9 4 Apr 2003
for a 10 he just needs nipples.
#34369 Rating: 9 3 Apr 2003
Wow. The only thing keeping me from giving it a perfect score is that scabbard. Otherwise, this is utterly amazing. Wow.
#34086 Rating: 10 2 Apr 2003
Holy Cow! That is some serious chrome! Sky earth NMM baby. The rest is quite good too, but I've never seen chrome like that.
#34068 Rating: 10 2 Apr 2003
Oh my GAWD! I can't find any fault with this mini's paintjob. The chrome NMM is fantastic...and I'm not a fan of the NMM technique. REALLY not a fan. But this is excellent work. Thanks! -Daniel.
#34016 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2003
Wow! I think a new level of painting is born ;-) Excellent! On the other side, hmm a chrome axe? But the technik is perfect! Great work.






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