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Empire Gold Wizard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN


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Empire Gold Wizard

Empire Gold Wizard

Painted to get into the mood of classic old-school Warhammer imagery.
The base was made to look like the setting in John Blanche's ”Knight Panther” painting.
I really enjoyed creating this guy... the base in particular.

I hope you like him.

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Viewer comments:
#285186 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2009
I love this mini! Such great composition! The gold and brown-grey-beiges are especially impressive imo. Bravo!

#274409 4 Nov 2008
Cheers for the comments! @Marovingean: Base was constructed using milliput, roots, fine flock and some dried leaves/flowers from the garden. Working on a tutorial. @Sylent Sentry: The red cape? Too many coats and trys to describe. The cloak was somewhat annoying to do, and I have happily forgotten process...
#274380 Rating: 9 4 Nov 2008
nice combination of gold and red also the red cloak is very nicely made,how did you paint it?
#274352 Rating: 9 3 Nov 2008
Very cool paintjob. The base, the freehand, and the prominent use of unblemished red is classic Blanche. Not my favorite canvas painter of all time, but this is still a great representation of his art. The cape might've benefited from some more detail, but it would have been a compromise of theme so I can't hold it against you!
#274288 Rating: 9 3 Nov 2008
Great, love the details, you achieved your goal! Can't keep my eyes away from the freehands...
#274245 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2008
Really great stuff, the freehand on the 'scarf' is excellent. What did you use to construct the base? M
#274060 Rating: 9 30 Oct 2008
Nice to see you back over here Good work (and you're right, excellent base). I'm just missing some freehand on the cloak, and more close-up pictures (pleaseeeee...). Ahhh, old school never dies... and that's simply so good.
#274013 Rating: 10 30 Oct 2008
nice one fella! Daz
#273962 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2008
Welcome back Jacob! Good work, nice colour choice and well excecuted! More please.
#273841 Rating: 9 28 Oct 2008
Brilliant... most amazing is truly this magical ball thing in there... urghs, that scarry brilliant! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar






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