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Ultraforge Dragon
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Category: Fantasy

by Sophia

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Ultraforge Dragon

Ultraforge Dragon

Sculpted from Fimo and green stuff on top of an Apoxie Sculpt and wire armature. Took two difficult weeks to sculpt.

Painted with mainly Citadel paints. I tried to keep the colors very simple and clean in an attempt to showcase the sculpt. This miniature took two enjoyable days to paint.

You might notice the small shelf towards the bottom of each wing. The wings are removable and attach with small neodymium magnets. This makes storing the miniature in a case a lot easier.

There is also a magnet set for the rider to attach to the platform, so he doesn't slip off during games. I am painting up the beautiful Elf Hero from Felix's Avatars of War line to act as the dragon rider. More pics soon.

Thanks for your comments and votes.

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Viewer comments:
#370711 Rating: 10 30 May 2012
Now thats just insane!!
#278856 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2008
#276814 Rating: 10 29 Nov 2008
#276676 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2008
Your talent is inspiring!
#276643 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2008
A new amazing Sculpt and painting from Sophie . Great!!!
#276636 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2008
That is an amazing piece! congrats!... Hang on I've just read your profile and now I hate you! four years to get to this standard! Can't wait to see what you do in the future.
#276563 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2008
got to be one of my all time fav dragon sculpts and the paint work is awesome too...
#276518 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2008
holy shit- best dragon ever ever ever. Thanks for this sculpture!
#276513 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2008
Really impressive, can't believe you painted it in two days!
#276331 Rating: 10 25 Nov 2008
omg... amazing dragon






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