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Death Company Space Marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by JRN

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Death Company Space Marine

Death Company Space Marine

I had a blast painting this figure - the first marine where I have really put in a lot of work. I have tried a few techniques for making scratches on the armour. Among these is masking and another technique where the paint is added using a very small sponge. On the base I have also used MIG pigments to add extra dust effects. Great stuff.

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#277520 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2008
Why giving out a 9 if you say that you think the Miniature is perfectly okay...^_^... You guys are great.... This mini... I think it has something to do with a natural skandinavian talent of a great feeling for colors that make your miniatures look so subtle, still really, really good... I enjoy every little bit about this miniature... great, great job... Nothing less then 10 Points +...
#277388 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2008
Best Death Company marine I have seen. Incredible!
#277034 Rating: 10 2 Dec 2008
Fantastic work!! Love the weathering and battle damage.

#277022 Rating: 9 2 Dec 2008
Perfectly suits the death company and their beserker mentalness too Well done
#276962 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2008
very sharp detail and weathering, i love this paintjob. The eyes are perfect !! a solid 9
#276945 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2008
Superb, you've made black look easy! I hate you
#276928 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2008
i love this marine...he could almost be the old forgeworld model, you've packed so much detail into this little guy...very gritty...
#276912 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2008
Pure character of marines... love him! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#276910 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2008
Absolutely! I am manning up to start a project like this myself, so I am grateful for some inspiration! Thanks!
#276904 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2008
great stuff! one of the best painted black armor ive seen






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