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Harlequin Freaks - Gold Reg/Squad GD Poland 2008
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Szary

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Harlequin Freaks - Gold Reg/Squad GD Poland 2008

Harlequin Freaks - Gold Reg/Squad GD Poland 2008

That was my entry for Golden Demon Poland 2008.
The concept went from history of Harelquins who are the most mysterious amongst all Eldars. I fought, that if they are living and traveling through the Webway all the time, some of them will have warped minds sooner or later. They will become freaks amongst they brothers and sisters.

When I looked closely for the first time at Harlequin models it was obwious for me that they much in common with well known villians from Batman series.
I decided to dedicate each model to one of the Batmans cont-heroes using only a simple conversions and adding a unique painting scheme. Still, I wanted to make the Harlequins, not only the Jokers band. Even the question marks often appears on old harlequin miniatures.
But even I started to call them: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Joker, Riddler and Penguin. The last member (Two-Face) unfortunately wasn`t made on time.

The whole squad took me about 120h in time of two weeks, which was combined with my ordinary work. In that way I could only paint during the nights which had limited my sleeping time to aprox. 5h per day.

After a lot of controversies about they non-WH40k theme and with a bit of luck they finally managed to win the gold demon in Regiment/Squad category.

I would like to thanks all people who helped me with this project:
- Kender - my room-mate, for his adaption to sleep with light on
- Piotr - for his constructive critics and controlling my crazy ideas
- CofC Team - for they support and motivating attitiude

and the last but not least,
to Kuczek - for everything! That whole project wouldn`t exist without You.

I would like to thanks also all guests who have travelled to Poland for the contest: Rusto & Renee, JMPN, CBA, Oscar Glydwell, Julien Cassess, Lotina, and many others who I didn`t to meet at person.
Special congrats for Ben Komets - "you are a man", mate!

Thanks all for they comments and critics!

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Viewer comments:
#322800 Rating: 10 24 May 2010
Insainly skilled!
#311886 Rating: 9 30 Dec 2009
creative idea and great paint job i like it, well deserved demon. Gotham city is in trouble.
#283163 Rating: 10 6 Feb 2009
This squad is truly a master piece. The theme is great and it really suits the Harlequin models. I really hope you decide to upload individual photos of these guys. And I would love to see Two-Face.
#277727 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2008
As much as I hate that whole harlequin BS I have to admit that your minis are very special. Good painting and excellent conversions, as far as I can see - we might benefit from bigger photos, though.
#277675 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2008
They look way cool ... congratz to the medal... but i can't see them in detail... ahh... i am going crazy here... ahh... details, they look so good, but i can't see them... arghhh! Just hit my nose on my monitor! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar






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