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Teclis #1
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Teclis #1

Teclis #1

This is my interpretation of the high elf arch mage Teclis. I sculpted almost the complete figure, and painted him using Vallejo and Citadel paints. I brought him to Golden Demon UK 08 where he made it to the finalist cabinet.

My goal was to create a less bulky, more refined, and yet simple model. For instance the crown, staff and sword have less complicated designs when you compare with both GW-versions.

Inspiration for the project comes mainly from Paul Dainton's artwork and my own drawings, but I also used Jes's old Teclis model from 1993 as well as the HE artwork in "The Gothic and the Eldritch".


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Viewer comments:
#343403 Rating: 10 2 Apr 2011
One of my fav models of all time. Period
#296610 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2009
#291807 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2009
Love this model, I like the much more dynamic pose than the GW versions, and the simplicity of the model makes it even better, as sometimes I feel GW can go overboard with some of the details and make you wonder, how the heck can this guy even cast a spell? Great job!
#285952 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2009
Dear Jakob, the mother of who I have to kill to have this unpainted model??
#283568 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2009
The sculpting is excellent and the painting is even better! Wonderful work as always.

#279031 Rating: 10 23 Dec 2008
Amazing...10 for me!
#278969 Rating: 8 22 Dec 2008
Hi! Very nice bright TM silver here, I know from own experience how difficult this can be. The white needs some work, though... Keep it up! CU Thomas
#278863 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2008
Eventhough you are one of the greatest you continue to improve, inspire and motivate. Great work on this! The mini is great and the base is perfect.
#278853 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2008
#278837 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2008
Beautiful sculpt! The pose is very dynamic. I really like the attention to detail, too. Your painting is also good. The wave pattern at the bottom of his cloak is subtle, but very well done. Congratulations on your amazing work!






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