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Nimue - Slaanesh Princess, Chaos Knight Champion - view 1
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by jarhead

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Nimue - Slaanesh Princess, Chaos Knight Champion - view 1

Nimue - Slaanesh Princess, Chaos Knight Champion - view 1

Hi there,

called this girl Nimue. Reading a book lately where this name often appears and while doing this paintjob it came to me to call her so: Nimue, a princess of slaanesh... once upon a time a small barbarian girl from the chaos desert tribes she went out to fight the world and the gods themselves.

Lovely model from GW, really reminds me of a great painting of a dark knight. I've changed the basic helmed head with one of a actual plastic daemonette from GW. Adeed some little parts here and there around the horse but nothing really big.

The base was made by a tree... ok, i'll go way more deeper (i try and hope my english will let me ): When you cut a tree like bread, i mean in such stripes to see their rings of ages... ähm, jepp - you'll get such round things. I found one in the woods, old and really crunchy... i took some parts of the middle out of it and let them dry half a year, because of not having an idea what to do with them. Now for this lady i took some parts put them on a base and had the problem that they have been still a bit crunchy. I've used 3 full packs of permanent glue to dip the base in. And let it dry a while. Chrunchy was gone and the project of painting it started...

In the past i had an army of Chaos for WHF in my mind... recently i've quitted that idea and still have the problem that the gods of chaos are knocking at my door, so i had to do something against... maybe she is a kind of saying thanks to the gods or honour an idea that has gone with the wind... just don't know.

Painted in acrylics like always. One BIG thing going on here, has been the collaberation with a very good friend of mine while staying at her house some days ago - we both gave the other one the own mini to paint on ... has been a great painting night, Vhaidra. Really thanks for that and also not to forget count_zero for a beautiful stay at hamburg/germany. Vhaidra took her time to paint the hairs and the cloak this night and really caught the right colours in my eyes... a real fun when you give a baby of yours away... this should only be done with a person you have a lot of thrust in... so don't mine doing the same, if you got someone like that... painting is about fun and this really was a total funny and new experience...

I'll do some more shots soon ...

So far... seems to be my last mini in 2008 ... Keep on happy painting!

PS: Painted for a collector!

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Viewer comments:
#302124 Rating: 9 3 Sep 2009
Großartige Arbeit, Jarhead! Die Rüstung wirkt im Zusammenspiel mit der kränklich bleichen Haut perfekt zusammen.
#291052 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2009
ist doch gut geworden...
#285245 24 Feb 2009
Thank you very much...
#285097 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2009
Magnificent! Great composition. Excellent paintjob! Bravo!
#282350 Rating: 9 29 Jan 2009
¡Hi Jarhead!. ¡Fantastic job! I realy like your style.
#281873 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2009
I was so sure I'd commented on this already . . . It's a great piece, and the base is fantastic with matching hints of colour and the Slaanesh symbol on it and everything. Really good
#281385 Rating: 10 18 Jan 2009
Hi Jar, Awesome, very great Paintjob and the athmosphere is very cool and dark. I like your realistic style
#280359 Rating: 9 8 Jan 2009
Good work as ever, I really like the flesh.
#280326 Rating: 9 8 Jan 2009
graet ambience. I love the metalparts on your minis. regards cynd
#280318 8 Jan 2009
Thanks to everyone... i am really happy that you like the overall athmosphere here i've tried to create... I try to answer the upcoming questions some of you send about her and her base as soon as possible... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar






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