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High Elf Dragon Prince
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by the Emperors Finest


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High Elf Dragon Prince

High Elf Dragon Prince

This is the final High Elf piece that has been sitting on my desk, now its done maybe I can get on with my Imperial Guardsmen.

I really enjoyed working with the new dragon model - I think I've done a reasonable job converting it. The armour plates aren't great in places, though I'm pleased with how the armour on the Prince turned out.

Looking at it now, I think that the dragon should be pinning a dark elf to the rock. Maybe I'll go back at some point and add that in.

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#335391 Rating: 8 27 Nov 2010
I really like this, I had a similar idea and will be starting the conversion work over christmas though probably won't be able to paint it for a good few months, do you have any tips? would you have done anything differently? I plan for mine to be an action piece with the rider having slain a dark elf and the dragon to be swallowing a dark elf while pinning another to the rock (stealing that idea off you )... also I plan to use the other (Imrik) dragon wings since the beast isn't in flight do you think this will work?
#279614 Rating: 7 1 Jan 2009
The conversion work is pretty nice and clean but the right arm is a bit strange. The paintjob needs some depth. Cheers IW






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