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Big Tau Battlesuit
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by fildunn

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Big Tau Battlesuit

Big Tau Battlesuit

Prototype for something im working on at the moment, but thought i'd share anyways

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#321273 Rating: 10 4 May 2010
Kudos, man! This is a great piece, even unpainted!
#302442 8 Sep 2009
thanks for all the kind words peeps. this is not the one im planning for GDUK...thats a differnent one that is now built, undercoated and ready for a lick of paint
#302189 Rating: 10 4 Sep 2009
I saw in White Dwarf tha you were preparing a tau battlesuit for the English Golden Demon, is it this one. Anyway it's a fantastic converting work (looks a bit like a hammerhead?) and I'm really impatient to see it painted. With your talent I know it's gonna be an amzing thing.

#298438 Rating: 10 12 Jul 2009
HOLY SH[CENSORED!] Just makes you drool looking at it! Im looking forward to any completed painting of this one!!
#296192 Rating: 10 13 Jun 2009
i reckon you should offer it to games workshop...not for a set price but for royalties...i'm sure they'd be happy to comply .
#296168 Rating: 9 13 Jun 2009
Great original piece! I love the sense of sheer destructive power this model has. The only thing that doesn't work is the little head-like thing on the top. You don't need it; the front of the APC serves as a much better focus for the model.
#293615 Rating: 10 21 May 2009
opps, ill just make my vote more appropriate...
#293614 Rating: 6 21 May 2009
That robot has got some attitude. even though he has no face...the stance is really suitable for something as obviously huge as that.make sure to paint it well wont you?
#291226 Rating: 9 23 Apr 2009
even if its unpainted i will give it a nine, because the idea and realisation is great. if it was painted very well it might get a ten,or a five if it was painted like i would do it.....
#290247 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2009
ShasOBorkanKais: very creative comment, don't know how it hasn't been deleted my the mods yet!






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