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The Axe
Manufacturer: Pegaso
Category: Fantasy

by sivousplay

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The Axe

The Axe

Well, 2 kits done in less than a month ... I guess I can actually state that I am in fact, painting again!! Smile

Here are a couple pics of The Axe (200mm) from Pegaso which is just a fantastic model. There was a ton of assembly ... 40 pieces and with all the complex 3-D shapes (no not her upper frontals, but the axe, the raised arm etc.) she had to be painted in 5 assemblies which is something a little foreign to me, but I think it worked out real well.

I tried to give her armor a "futuristic, power armor" feel to it ... I wanted it to look metallic but not be too shiny ... I wanted a "heft" to it. How else would Miss Nude Universe defeat such a nasty robotic foe? I also went w/ a gold coloring because I wanted to accentuate the valkyrie feel of our heroine and went w/ a rusty theme on the robot to also help with the believability that our futuristic vixen could take out her adversary.

I played around w/ some object source lighting to give the eyes the feel that they were glowing w/out using LEDs or anything like that ... just paint ... which I was also very pleased with. There is a close-up in a collage should also be up soon.

There are plenty more pics on my site ... I hope you enjoy looking at her as much as I did painting her.


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Viewer comments:
#331515 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2010
Great mini and a wonderful paintjob! Yeah!
#281983 Rating: 10 25 Jan 2009
nice to see some new work from you ...nice one
#281609 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2009
Considering the scale, the difficulty, the ambition and the PERFECTION of does this not get a steady stream of 10s ???? This is awesome.
#281279 Rating: 10 17 Jan 2009
#281095 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2009
I'd say it is good to have you back on the brush... wow! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#281054 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2009
You are on a completely different level.






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