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Gronk Charge ! : Guild of Harmony Miniatures
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Category: Fantasy

by PrawnPower

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Gronk Charge ! : Guild of Harmony Miniatures

Gronk Charge ! : Guild of Harmony Miniatures

This is the second of Sebastian Archer's (Automatons) sculpts I have done, and just like the Jester, there is some excellent detail. It certainly made the face and eye’s far easier to do than I first thought they would be. They are available from the CMoN shop or from Seb's store on the “Guild of Harmony” website. I should start charging commission
Guild of Harmony

Originally I was going to convert this figure such that it was pulling a sled, or a cart, but I came up with this idea for a base to try out some new water effect resin, and I thought the figure was suitable. If you are interested there is an article on the making of the base here on CMoN.
CMoN Base Article

Also I have to admit that some of the colour scheme was taken from Rusto’s troll form last years Italian GD. It really pushed me to add so colour changes to skin especially for the feet.

Thanks for looking

All comments or questions welcome

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Viewer comments:

#285491 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2009
Great work! 10 for me! regards mXp
#283948 Rating: 9 12 Feb 2009
You're right, the scars did come out very well. I love the skintone too!
#283903 12 Feb 2009
Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like him. This is one of the few figures where I've detailed the face first, I thought the scars came out quite well.
#283787 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2009
Agree an underated mini. Dont really like the sculpt that much, it should have been leaning forward into the charge a bit more I think, but the painting's to die for.
#282694 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2009
Superb job, underrated imo!
#281889 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2009
Talk about an underrated mini. The base is a slice of heaven (thanks for the article), the colors are excellent, and the blend is solid and smooth. The face also adds alot of character to the mini. Great work.
#281845 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2009
Top notch here... reading the article of the base yesterday was a hell of an inspiration. Big thx for that... the all in all composition with your wonderful paintwork turns out awesome... there is a bit of a thing of seb's work in it and that for sure is no offense - either the right direction... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#281839 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2009
yeah this is great! i especially like the face, amazing!
#281775 Rating: 10 22 Jan 2009
One of the best mini I've ever seen, god bless O_O
#281771 Rating: 10 22 Jan 2009
amazing work. I really love it. bye, rapaz






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