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Mordheim Freelance Knight
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Mordheim Freelance Knight

Mordheim Freelance Knight

Painted in 2005. Now, in 2009, I have created a new base for him. A classic old school fantasy base with a mood pointing towards The Empire. My inspiration comes from John Blanche's "Knight Panther" artwork. I have made a tutorial showing the process of building the base step-by-step. The tutorial can be found on my website in the Tutorials-section.

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Viewer comments:
#284529 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2009
just looove the metallic such a smooth model how did you do them?
#284209 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2009
#284095 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2009
Simple but effective. Excellent textures on metals. Very much your style again!
#284081 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2009
Great mini, great paint job! Less is more in my book!
#284016 Rating: 9 13 Feb 2009
I love the face expression and the beard. The metallics are also awesome! Love it, but for my taste a bit TOO homely.
#283999 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2009
bring back propper metalics, excellent
#283425 Rating: 10 8 Feb 2009
Beautiful Jakob style strikes again! I love the feeling of simplicity you manage to create with your's a direct, no-fuss style that gives such nice results. Love the grassy base too!
#283337 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2009
Oh... Lovely... So Subtle, again... You have a really fine feeling for colors... don´t get me wrong, but I think it is really a scandinavian thing... you guys are so well dressed as well, damn...... If I could choose who´s mini I would like to posess, it would be one of yours, for sure... maybe we Exchange something...??... 10 Points all the way...
#283298 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2009
#283290 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2009
The mini fits your style very well. Very details and characterful. Plus the base is great as is the tutorial.






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