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Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by mattsterbenz

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Well, after many short Sunday-only painting sessions it is finally done! I am very happy with this figure. I think it is my best so far. I really pushed myself with the non-metallic metals and reflections - something I enjoy doing a lot and never thought it could get this complex!

After I read the background story of Sigvald, I got some better ideas for the painting scheme and the base. Aside from the extremely reflective armor (so that he can always look at and admire himself) he also hovers an inch above the ground, and the powers of Chaos shift the terrain around him to create a path. I tried to represent this by having rocks and dirt "moving" up to form a sort of bridge over a lava flow, as well as a Slaanesh symbol formed in lava on the ground. I put a few extra highlights on the ground beneath him to show that he's sort of glowing.

I want to thank everyone in the forums for their kind words, encouragement and helpful advice. I appreciate every comment!

As always comments/critique is most welcomed, and I make sure to return the favor.

Thanks for looking!

Matt Sterbenz

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Viewer comments:
#435475 Rating: 10 20 Mar 2015
great work!
#414023 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2014
Damnit. Ten.
#414022 Rating: 6 7 Mar 2014
I can't stop looking at this guy, and got a much better vantage on your WIP thread. Excellent utilization of this subject and for that alone you get a 10. You definitely serve as my primary inspiration for my own Sigvald-coming soon-and I just want you to know that your WIP is extremely helpful to me on a never of levels. Bravo, good Sir... Bravo!
#413807 Rating: 8 3 Mar 2014
You are hiding the best part of this figure for you-the shield and the sky earth on it. Looks great, though the gold is too green for me. Keep it up.
#393658 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2013
Agreed !!! Your best ever and one sigvald right up there along joe tomasweskies !!! Excellent nmm looks like a real individual hard to tell its a model!!!
#300292 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2009
First off I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw this miniature. I immediately went to your wip and man reading and looking at how this mini came to be. Amazing!! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
#298016 Rating: 10 5 Jul 2009
Shame on you! You have made me cry at my own miserable painting skills! ;-( But really AMAZING miniature you have there. If it were any better then it would... well... lets face it, it just can't get better!
#294821 Rating: 10 2 Jun 2009
Very well done m8, great color choice and everything is set up as it is supposed to be. Greatly done
#285082 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2009
Except from the obvious (great NMM and very high level painting) I particularly like how every technique compliments each other to give a result that is very characterfull and fitting with the background/story of Sigvald. It's nice to see great skill combined with a solid concept. Shame to all the snippers; I guess there will always be people attacking something just because it's very good.
#284913 Rating: 10 21 Feb 2009
I know Bohun, it's really a shame these got sniped. I really don't understand what's wrong with people!! Blearg!






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