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Imperial Guard Veteran conversion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by JRN


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Imperial Guard Veteran conversion

Imperial Guard Veteran conversion

I painted this guy mainly to practice using masking liquid to create battle-damage.

I also had great fun converting him. I was imagining him being a a war veteran of sorts defending his own little hideout in a hive city. A rightious imperial citizen, but also one with a few too many battles under his belt. I see him as the kind of guy who shows up in the middle of a movie to help the good guys,... he does some serious damage to the enemies and goes down about just before the final great scene...

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Viewer comments:
#284564 Rating: 9 19 Feb 2009
Bloody excellent!
#284325 Rating: 8 16 Feb 2009
I hope you plan on doing a tutorial on how the masking went, even if its just a write up!
#284298 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2009
Heh, I think your war veteran has spent too long in his little hideout. He looks pretty insane with all those bits. He looks very "left behind" Your story gets the point across. The masking liquid worked great here. I can see it as a great way of doing camouflage with all those nice irregular patterns.
#284284 Rating: 7 16 Feb 2009
Some freaky kitbashing happened here.
#284179 Rating: 8 15 Feb 2009
Very good. I love the fact he has a background and story line as it now puts weight behind all the bits on him. Otherwise it would look random. The paint work is perfect to what he's about. Would like to see more Mad Max type minis like this.
#284172 Rating: 6 15 Feb 2009
Whats with the feather??






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