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Inquisitor Soloman Lok
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by meanbeautiful

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Inquisitor Soloman Lok

Inquisitor Soloman Lok

Here's a blast from my past- last year's Baltimore GD winner. This is an uncommon "top-down" view that captures the scroll's calligraphy and the cloak's pattern. A thousand pardons for the blurry sword. For a front mugshot of the mini, go here;

sculpted by Forge World + sword by GW.

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Viewer comments:
#300711 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2009
the work in the cloak is unbelible
#300694 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2009
amazing work!!! I 'd love to see the enface pose also...
#285656 Rating: 9 28 Feb 2009
personally load this style so I do not like but your interpretation is interesting and I find is one of the best views in the last 2 years designs free-hand I like considering the size of the mini, in general, a very interesting I am sure that grow even more so in painting
#285643 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2009
Honesty, I really don't like it, its too busy; but theres no way I can't give it a 10. I can't comprehend how this is created, how long did this take? You're either the most patient artist in the world, or the craziest! congrats on the award
#285237 24 Feb 2009
Thanks for all the encouragement! This mini is very difficult to photography, as its surface is very sensitive to light. I shall have to fix this in my future work.
#284978 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2009
Finally, a pic that shows some of the really great work on the top and back of this mini. The letters on the scroll are absolutely amazing. I had the privilege of seeing this mini in person last year, and there was never any doubt in my mind that it would win the sword. Congrats on a well deserved win.
#284701 Rating: 9 20 Feb 2009
Congratz on the sword! This mini has a bit too much going on, but the details are very nicely painted, especially the lettering. Great job on a cool mini.
#284305 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2009
WOW! got to be one of the most impressive minis iv every seen, plz post a pic of the front, the pic in the link isnt very big and alot of the detail is lost in it
#284278 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2009
*Jaw drops and tongue rolls on the floor*






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