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Inquisitor Soloman Lok
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by meanbeautiful

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Inquisitor Soloman Lok

Inquisitor Soloman Lok

The front view.

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#420108 Rating: 10 22 May 2014
#287182 Rating: 10 15 Mar 2009
Totally awesome. Your attention to detail is amazing.
#286044 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2009
... it is quite easy to forget somebody who quotes Brian Adams. cciao mon fallen primadonna. The mini is beautiful.
#286031 Rating: 7 3 Mar 2009
yo solo veo puntitos ahi....santa paciencia si, pero al fin y al cabo no dejan de ser puntitos...como tiene la misma intensidad de luz los pies y el punto mas alto de la espada???...los dedos de las manos tampoco parece que tengan mucho trabajo, un color claro encima de uno oscuro...el servidor que lleva, lo que parecen partes metalicas mas de lo mismo, ademas de que le creo que le faltarian sombras en muchos lados... esta bien la mini, me gusta pero no es impactante si sale fuera de lo corriente..ademas que la peana la desmerece muchisimo asi como la cara que parece que no tenga nada de trabajo una sombra y una luz...
#286016 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2009
I think the freehand is very impressive and fits the mini perfectly
#285877 Rating: 8 1 Mar 2009
and you reaction defines you perfectly as well.. talk about the mini..the light, the composition, the colours..please say something useful and helpful and try to erase myself from your mind.. this is miniatures not life. grow up. put brian adam's sound behind this sentence: " please forget meee".que eres un pesao de cojones. i wish u the best .with all my love.
#285795 Rating: 10 1 Mar 2009
Well, Banshee... If this site is not good enough for you to show your minis (have you really made any under your real name lately? seriously?), then it shouldn´t be good enough to hold your malicious and business oriented comments either. And don´t be childish, since I don´t know you, how could I not like you? What I don´t like is your actions and attitudes, which ultimately define you.
#285752 Rating: 8 28 Feb 2009
.. anyway.. you knwo why i dont post more miniatures? cause this gallery have lost his sense and his intention.. everythinbg is a 10 everyuthing is incredible and there are a big amount of asslickers and another amount of backstubbers that are killing this site. best regards mr mendes. and please next time, be a bit more polite..i understand that you dont like me.. but no one can be liked by everyone..
#285728 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2009
I think it is pretty awesome. I dig the style and I think it fits the mini well.
#285698 Rating: 8 28 Feb 2009
yes its loaded with freehand, yes theres some skill involved, but no its not good technically, the freehand is too large and blocky, the colour is a bit odd(unfitting) at times, the blending looks rough, the lighting and placement of highlights off at times, the colour is too plain and basic as well, the overload of freehand drains the character of the piece, theres no real feeling of anything to it, the composition of colour and freehand is not trying to bash it, im simply trying to say the things others are simply too afraid to say @tkny, dont make excuses for not knowing what you are talking about, an opinion is worth nothing(aside from touching your egos) if there is no knowledge behind it, sure he can say it all he wants, but its not any less wrong






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