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Warhammer 40k ork warboss
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Wappellious

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Warhammer 40k ork warboss

Warhammer 40k ork warboss

This was a color test mini for my new ork army. Just like the ork nob, I had lots of fun with all the weathering, rust, mud, blood, etc.

Just like the nob, I tried to get some variety in the flesh tones, highlighting with rotting flesh in some places, dwarf flesh in others, space wolves grey on the hand, and even tentacle pink. The shadow areas were also shaded darker with different glazes of regal blue, scorched brown, scab red, etc.

All that is much easier to see in person, but I tried to take enough images to show that. There are some more images in the dsicuss submission thread, "my new ork warboss".

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Viewer comments:
#394569 Rating: 8 11 Apr 2013
Wow just got a great day.
#356883 Rating: 9 30 Nov 2011
a easy 9, maybe even a 10...... good work
#286476 Rating: 9 8 Mar 2009
This is great. I love the 'painterly' style you have managed to capture with this mini. I just wish i could imitate you
#286288 Rating: 9 6 Mar 2009
#286275 Rating: 9 6 Mar 2009
THis metal... this leather... This skin. Lots of cute details, I love checkered tabard and anodized metal. Now this skin is my only problem. It is great on its own but in the context of this mini it has almost the same color as metal it even reflects to the same extent as metal. Just out of curiosity how long did it take you to finish this guy
#286049 Rating: 9 3 Mar 2009
VERY nice !! The shading and highlighting are blended very well.
#285923 Rating: 9 2 Mar 2009
I like it!
#285851 Rating: 9 1 Mar 2009
Ohhh really like the colours on this one, its really interesting to look at and im just gutted i cant afford to get hold of it! Great work - i always look forward to seeing your latest minis!






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