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Ork Warboss WAAGH-E
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by The Dwarf s Workshop

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Ork Warboss WAAGH-E

Ork Warboss WAAGH-E

Conversion & Painted by Alejandro Gilligan

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The initial idea behind it was to build a veteran warboss, who lost some body parts in battle and progressively replaced them with mechanical ones.
Since the orks love speed, the caterpillar tracks seemed a nice touch, perhaps for a Evil Sun boss. I had to reshape a pair from the Wartrakk, because they were too long for the mega armour.
And then... the triangular shape of the tracks, the cubic-torso, the claw.. mmm... I've seen this somewere
To emphasize the resemblance, I added the missile launcher on top and modified it to look like some night-vision device or something.
With this crossover intention, it wasn´t hard to think the rest of the composition: the scrapyard base, the rusty look, and even the small sidekick, all elements that fit in both worlds.

Hope you like it

All comments are welcome!......Thanks for looking!

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Viewer comments:
#317194 Rating: 9 9 Mar 2010
love it! how orky!
#302221 Rating: 9 5 Sep 2009
Very funny!
#287492 Rating: 9 18 Mar 2009
Hah, lovely idea. You should make a Tau Eva now.
#287317 Rating: 9 16 Mar 2009
Great weathering and idea.
#287275 Rating: 9 16 Mar 2009
Haha! That's insane
#287255 Rating: 9 16 Mar 2009
8.5 lol i couldn't think of what it was. thanks skeeve. i could have been all day otherwise! nice idea
#286754 Rating: 9 11 Mar 2009
Genius!!!!!!!!!!! lol
#286739 Rating: 9 11 Mar 2009
Bonus point for humor. I sent this to a few girly friends on Facebook, they're sure to love it too!
#286738 Rating: 8 11 Mar 2009
That is hilarious!
#286719 Rating: 9 10 Mar 2009
Great idea!






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