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Bípode Eldar 3Dx3D
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by paulvalenx

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Bípode Eldar 3Dx3D

Bípode Eldar 3Dx3D

I tried to paint a three dimensional effect of the flat surfaces of a bípode Eldar, the colors chosen are in yellow, because I felt the range of color that I presented more difficulty.
the result is a miniature notice that the touch is smooth, although the human eye it appears that each area has its own volume.
I hope to have achieved this effect and you will like.


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#323734 Rating: 10 4 Jun 2010
Kudos. huge kudos in your success in achieving the 3 dimensionality you spoke of in your description. I know that's a weird thing for me to write, but man you totally nailed it! this mini is amazing!!!
#302809 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2009
Tiene usted toda mi admiracion Maestro. Y como tal, le doy la puntuacion que merece una obra asi...
#288665 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2009
Menudo trabajo Paul, es increíble el partido que le has sacado al bípode eldar... con esos colores y simetría has conseguido hacer babear a más de uno. Felicidades por el resultado y por terminarlo también, que no es poco!!!! Un abrazo!
#288618 Rating: 10 28 Mar 2009
#288390 Rating: 9 26 Mar 2009
Very well done indeed
#288239 Rating: 9 25 Mar 2009
Amazing... this is the first time I've ever seen an eldar mini and thought, "That's so cool, I want to go paint some eldar now!" Really terrific work!
#288153 24 Mar 2009
Thanks friends, I have prepared a small WIP in case anyone is interested. Salve!!
#288077 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2009
wooohooo! what a masterpiece. such a wonderful idea. it is allways good to see your work.
#287888 Rating: 9 22 Mar 2009
you,ve got some mad skills stud.... like to see more
#287852 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2009
don't tell me those layers are illusions created by highlightings O.O excellent job!!






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