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Hortak - Black Crow
Manufacturer: Andrea
Category: Fantasy

by Grumbler


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Hortak - Black Crow

Hortak - Black Crow

Hi brush lickers,

this is my biggest project so far. It's Hortak black crow from Andrea Miniatures. It took me 3 months consuming 100h of painting and tinkering. Hortak stands on a frozen lake made of 2K resin. The upper, frozen layer of the lake is represented by a plate of polystyrol. The snow is made of baking soda. The tree was tinkered using twisted wire and some undefined paste from my friend Alex (lexi999 <- cmon).

I hope you like it!


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#291582 Rating: 10 26 Apr 2009
This must be a top secret work because I haven't seen it until now,lol. Great work my ole Grumbler seems that you could make big progress I like it very much and I especially like the idea of the ice, it looks fantastic. The nmm parts also turned out very good as well as the rest of him. Lexi's tree make it all perfect. Well done
#288864 Rating: 10 30 Mar 2009
fantastic , in particular the NMM and the tree ! 9,5 for me if it had more shadow contrast , 10!
#288822 Rating: 9 30 Mar 2009
It's very good painting, though I must admit I'm confused why he's outside on a frozen lake with no shirt on. That's got to be cold.
#288768 Rating: 9 30 Mar 2009
Ok... where to start... yesterday i had a little time and before taking a nap it was my pleasure to read your great article over at the to your Hortak. I have not been able to answer there yet so as i see it here i will do up here: The tree is wonderful, knowing that its selfmade it really scares me, because it is really getting very closely to something you find in the nature... would be a quicker option ... Hortak himself... bow, Mr. Grumbler you are becoming a blender, to the quality of your brush skills i could only say: blendend! The cold NMM rocks hell... the only thing i miss in here is a bit more harmonic in the whole model to bring together the single parts more... so what! Just keep on happy painting and keep on doing such cool bases... Thank you very much for the article at the bf... 9.3 from my side of town for this excellent model! Keep on happy and so on Regards jar
#288650 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2009
I love it! The NMM is fantastic, great choice of colours and a brilliant atmosphere all over! The fotos are very good also ;-)
#288643 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2009
Great Job! The NMM everywhere, the tree, the water, ice and and and and and and and ^^ - alot to see there.






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