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Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by jarhead

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Hi there,

this is my version of Vargahr from Rackham. I must say that this model is really one of my favourites so i have him here about 4 times or so and i guess i need to paint him again and again...

This guy stood about half an year at my workbench in different Work in Progress moments and has been finally finished with the motivation i had for the Event of the "Duke of Bavaria" in Ingolstadt. My Display there of 5 Miniatures including Urmuth, Varghar, Leo, Jar-ry and the Scavenger Punk Chick has won a gold medal in Master Fantasy Painting, what really surprised me and made me happy as a swarm of angels... that has really been such a great event and a wonderful weekend overall... Thanks to everyone ...

I hope you like Varghar too - it is made as a birthday present for a good friend whose birthday i had forgotten whilst painting and talking about painting and blubb and so... sorry - this is yours with heart...

Keep on happy painting everywhere...

PS: Painted for a friend!

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Viewer comments:
#292057 Rating: 10 2 May 2009
très bon travail... j'aime beaucoup la mise en scène et l'ambiance qui émane du wolfen...
#291313 Rating: 10 23 Apr 2009
this is great i like the Rackham minis and Varghar is one of my favorites. This one looks realy Evil and ready to charge.
#291049 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2009
Na das ist mal wieder eine Klasse Arbeit!!
#290998 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2009
Having just painted this miniature recently- well done on setting and colours. Stunning painting as always.
#290987 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
very nice
#290971 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
Fantsatic work mate!!! Wow...I LOVE the colours on the base!! Pigments I guess? It looks very 'fantasy style', amazing! Great counter-colours on varghar too...and great light and contrast - really wicked, he looks very dark and sinister.
#290967 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
Great, one of your best
#290940 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
As per you rusual, Great colour choices, great compostion to the scene. If anythign I would haveliked to see just a wee bit more snow going down the fall of the base, but all in all this is a great example of how a base can be every bit as important an element to a greta figure as is a greta paint job. I especially like the saliva too... Well done.
#290936 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
great work and very similar to a version I am working on composition wise... The round piece in the rubble is throwing it off a little kind of as if it doesn't belog there .. Other than that top notch as always.
#290918 Rating: 10 20 Apr 2009
simple a great piece of art, and excuse me for saying so, as always. I´m happy that you´ve finaly finished this beautiful mini... and hopefully I´ve get the chance to buy one for myself too! regards Gefahr






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