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nurgle champion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by cyril

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nurgle champion

nurgle champion

My entry for the French Golden Demon
Conversion 20 hours
Painting 35 hours

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#131649 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2005
Finally i was able to see this mini in truth.My absolutly favorite of your work yet!!This is one of those minis having a rating soo much too low!Everyone keeping this mini in his own hands would agree to me that this guy deserves a 15!!! I absolutely couln´t believe it, that you allow us to touch your minis after a nice meal, with our fatty fingers.I´d kill ervery person doing that with my work!!! It was really fun to meet you and see your amazing work!
#130799 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2005
When I die, I want to be reincarnated as a Cyril.
#130745 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2005
Absolutely one of my all-time favourite pieces. Stunning technique and a brave colour compostition.
#128013 Rating: 10 28 Mar 2005
Sorry NSA I can't delete comments that have already been passed. It needs a 'higher authority' to do that. This went through before my time as moderator, but rest assured, they don't go through now
#127971 Rating: 10 28 Mar 2005
10 of course... Absolutely flawless. Cyril's pact with the devil is confirmed here. (Could we do something about ccr_j0k3r's stupid comment that messes up the page format?)
#119592 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2005
Perfectly painted and a flawless conversion. But his face looks a bit too goofy for a mighty champion of chaos in my humble opinion.
#107458 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2004
wow!!beautiful colors & highlights..
#103418 Rating: 10 27 Sep 2004
cyril... almost perfect!
#95624 Rating: 10 28 Jul 2004
#87796 Rating: 10 3 Jun 2004
Who am I to even try and critique that fig. Absolutely stunning.






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