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High Elf Hero
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Elly3438

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High Elf Hero

High Elf Hero

Hello! Finally finished another mini... the popular High Elf Hero model. Just a chance to paint some shiny armor and bright elfy colors, my favorite! I tried to go for a different take on the cloak, and paint it purple, as well as changing up the gems with purple and turquoise colors, one to contrast the mini and one that's way more subtle.
The pictures aren't the best, but enjoy and thanks for looking!

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Viewer comments:
#424425 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2014
Really awesome
#416626 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2014
#360827 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2012
Brilliant freehand!
#324010 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2010
This is incrediable like all of your work. very inspiring!
#306285 Rating: 10 23 Oct 2009
Congratz on the Slayer Sword
#298665 Rating: 9 16 Jul 2009
You Painted it very well! Beatifull freehands and the nmm is one of the best golden nmm's i have ever seen. I only think he would me way more impressive if you painted the rest of de armour gold as well, I don't like the red at all.
#294501 Rating: 9 30 May 2009
Beautifully painted. It's not often that I see gold nmm done so well. The freehand is so incredibly detailed and the mail is beautiful. Some great details on the scabbard as well. My only gripe is that his err 'underskirt' i spose I'd call it, doesn't seem to quite live up to the rest of the model. It's absolutely beautiful overall though
#292651 Rating: 10 10 May 2009
it dosnt get any better than this.what a great paint job.could in my opinion win a deamon.joe
#292408 Rating: 9 6 May 2009
Absolutely beautiful work Especially the freehand on the cape! Only reason it doesn't get a 10 from me is that the NMM gold is just too yellow for my tastes, doesn't quite say 'gold' to me. The skill shown in painting it gets 10 though
#292337 Rating: 10 5 May 2009
What a beatuiful version of this great miniature. The only thing that I would comment on is the hair, which I find to be a little too flat compared to the rest of the miniature. But a 10 is a 10.






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