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Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Chromatic
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by dims


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Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Chromatic

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut Chromatic

I've been doing some practising on NMM's, and obviously SENMM (for the first time), and just generally had a blast doing this model. In hindsight I might have done some things differently, and true: the refelections on the Juggernaut are not correct everywhere, but all in all a good learning process.
If interested, read the complete blog on the model at

And comments are VERY welcome!

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Viewer comments:
#322055 Rating: 10 14 May 2010
Even if it isn't perfect, 10/10 for pimping out the juggy.
#308840 Rating: 9 22 Nov 2009
Very original, cool idea best regards.
#297812 Rating: 7 1 Jul 2009
I dont know the idea is great, but i just feel the execution isnt good enough, im giving a 7 because it is still a great model but it seems just a bit to messy. If it were cleaner you could be reaching for a much higher grade. The red rider, it is true does not fit perfectly with the rest. On the positive side your use of color on the juggernaut is excellent it really captures the feel of SENMM. The armor of the lord is very well painted, apart from the glossy finish. Hope this can help and remember if this is your first mini in SENMM then your next will always be greater looking forward to those.
#295337 Rating: 9 5 Jun 2009
The Chrome looks great, but I think the red rider doesn't really fit to the chrome juggernaut. But the painting itself is awesome.
#294536 31 May 2009
Hey dogfacedboy, I do have other pics, on my blog. ust follow the link noted in the description. And yes, I would like to add more pics, but that meant copy-pasting, and just didn't feel like it
#294506 Rating: 10 30 May 2009
This is really quite special! I love the chrome, so very much! I wish I could do that !
#294492 Rating: 9 30 May 2009
Excellent chrome effect - works fantasticaly. The base is fine too, with some well done snow effect. My only crit would be that i cannot see the rider as well as the juggernaught. I know the juggernaught i n its chrome armour is the centrepiece of this model but I d like to see maybe another shot of the rider with better lit photography! Great job on the SENMM and if this is your first attempt I look forward to seeing your second! You got it looking very cool indeed!
#294174 Rating: 10 27 May 2009
Wow!! love the chrome.
#294028 Rating: 9 25 May 2009
WHY has no one done this before?? The chrome Juggernaut is truly awesome. And quite well painted, too.
#293885 Rating: 9 24 May 2009
skills like that stud makes you a natural born bad ass.... keep slapp,n the paint kid you,ve got skills!






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