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OLD GLORY_commission work_silver_open_france09
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Banshee

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OLD GLORY_commission work_silver_open_france09

OLD GLORY_commission work_silver_open_france09

scratchbuilt: sculpted with milliput and greenstuf.

dedicated to my friend mendes.

another fu%&$&%/ ogryn.made for a private collector.

the size is aproximately 50 it could be a 30 mm scale comparing with a human.. more or less like a gw ogryn.

i tried to achieve a more colourful mood than i used to do..

this is my first serious piece after nearly 2 years without doing anything. really hard to start again.

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Viewer comments:
#352630 14 Sep 2011
SOLD. collector J.Glass
#349079 Rating: 10 15 Jul 2011
Awesome work, Very very inspiring! Thank you Banshee for giving us motivation
#310799 16 Dec 2009
#307202 Rating: 10 3 Nov 2009
Glad to hear you're painting again. Your works is always so inspiring, and this piece is just amazing! Hope to see more!

#298205 Rating: 10 8 Jul 2009
#296748 Rating: 10 18 Jun 2009
I love this mini! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10!
#296463 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2009
mundillo de desgraciados............ yo ya dejé hace mucho de colgar minis, que les den por el culo. menuda mini más guapa te has cascao... vaya tela
#295979 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2009
es que no hay mas...hay gente que es muy hipocrita y no soporta los figurones de los demas...en fin, alfonso, tu no dejes de hacer esto nunca, no termines de dejar tu huella en este mundillo, porque es asi, con estas minis dejas huella...
#295976 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2009
Mira el lado bueno Alfon, los 68 votos de usuarios REGISTRADOS (no anonimos) te da una media de 9.7, quedate con ese dato que es el que cuenta, y no la bazofia que vota la peña sin identificarse.
#295968 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2009
9.3 ?!?! should be something like 12.3 ;P don't mind jealous retards - fantastic work, great you are posting again! Cheers






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