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Forge World Warhound
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Demonrich


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Forge World Warhound

Forge World Warhound

Forge World Warhound painted in a custom War Griffons colour scheme.

The main colours are airbrushed on and then all the details are freehansded afterwards.

I am open for commissions.

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Viewer comments:
#310187 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2009
love the freehand, brill
#304774 Rating: 9 7 Oct 2009
love titans big angry an full of kick ass weapons oh happy days very cool
#296911 Rating: 10 20 Jun 2009
well I love it, it's the stuff awesomenes are made from :p Show them your reaver W.I.P it is the coolest reaver ever!!!!! you get a clean 10 for this as nothing less can be accepted.
#296238 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2009
First off: I don't really dig Titans but this one is just WHOAH!!! Love the color palette, awesome freehand , great technique and I really like the "pulsing" light on the plasma cannon. Totally in love with the mood it sets; I'd give you a 10.4 if I could.
#296226 Rating: 10 14 Jun 2009
9,5 from my side, it's really a great paint job! love it!
#296125 Rating: 10 12 Jun 2009
Pow... damm good piece! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#296123 Rating: 10 12 Jun 2009
Wow! That is very impressive ! Great colour selection and the chrome look (I think its chrome lol) is awesome ! Great work !
#296095 Rating: 9 12 Jun 2009
Alright, usually i don't rate huge projects, because they get always more credits by even being huge. I think, you did a great job by that pattern on the back. There are only three irritating things i like to mention without beeing a spoiler: A Mr. Superclean lookalike a corvette is more like an exhibit than a juggernaut in an active campain. The Plasma light is irritating by its imbalanced light, but i think its better looking as the boreing balance. So well done. The last comes along with the first: In overall on the first spot, the pattern looks like weathering, and on a second glance, i see it's a pattern by choice. This is contrary to the superclean effect on the orange-yellow. for the freehands a Super-10. Greetinx and have fun.






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