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Wreck of the Dauntless
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Terrain

by Necromundicon

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Wreck of the Dauntless

Wreck of the Dauntless

Been ages since I've posted anything, but to make up for it, here's a wrecked spaceship terrain piece I built for the GW store in Kent, Washington. More pics here:

Enjoy, and thanks for viewing!

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Viewer comments:
#311119 Rating: 10 20 Dec 2009
This is an incredible piece of terrain, and I had even more fun playing with it at the local store it was built at!
#311048 Rating: 10 20 Dec 2009
Wow! As I saw it first time I thought it was a kind of a U-Bot in the ice. Great idea.
#297814 Rating: 9 1 Jul 2009
Outstanding example for a perfect piece of WH40K-terrain!
#297439 26 Jun 2009
Yes, it's supposed to be a small cutter. Not a BFG ship- would need a bigger table!
#297381 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2009
Wow, that is f-ing sweet!
#297320 Rating: 9 25 Jun 2009
Highly impressed with your attention to detail and effectiveness on this project. As wreckage it's a superb piece of terrain. Had it been complete as a game objective it would also be hugely impressive and dominating an Apocolyptic scale battle.
#297302 Rating: 9 24 Jun 2009
I see the size sort of appropriate for a cutter - I don't expect it to be a representation of the much-larger escort craft in BFG for example. Very nicely done!
#297285 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2009
Very Beatifull I have a little questin: This guy in the 5th pic, (with the staff and pistol) Who is he??? I bought one some months ago, but still can't find where he's from! Please send me a pm... P.S. Sorry for mistakes, I'm German xD
#297236 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2009
That would be wonderful to have a game on:O
#297229 Rating: 9 24 Jun 2009
Too small for an Imperial Spaceship. But besides that: VERY NICE!!! Loads of details and a real Imperial Navy feel to it. Keep that up! CU Thomas






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