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The Last One
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by luis gomez pradal

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The Last One

The Last One

Gold in Spanish Golden Demon 09 single 40k .

Sometimes the inspiration comes I the most strange moments. In this case came drinking beers and playing playstation with two good friends. I tried to make a little tribute to all veterans painters who travel with their illusion in form of miniatures from championship to championship. Painters as; Basajaun, Mercenary Ogryn, R. Chaudon, J. Martin, Joe Hill, Matt Parkes… and with your agree, me.

The head of the mini is a plastic chaos barbarian with a lot transformation, because I wanted he had a Nordic appearance as Odin father of Thor. The sword makes reference obviously the demon slayer. In the beginning the sword would be broken but I changed my opinion.

It was impossible without the supervision and good critics of Nano who was my master in this project, thanks a lot little pig!!!

Thanks a lot for your comments..I hope you like it…..

Sliencio, he oido una voz, es posible que alguien se acuerde de mi…..

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#358906 Rating: 10 26 Dec 2011
WoW Freakin' awesome I play Space Wolves and I love my drunk boys This one is perfect
#348687 Rating: 10 9 Jul 2011
Es una figura magnifica. Me encanta como te a quedado la cabeza de bárbaro. Bueno, en realidad me encanta toda la figura en si. XD
#299113 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2009 puedo,... trágica luz, siento tus ojos ocultos, .. en nombres, taantos nombres... aunque el aire no sepa q ocurre, el viento... te arrastrará.. te arrástrará no!!! quiero oir tu voz... siempre quebrada... nooooo, no puedo dormir con esas lágrimas, goteando encima de mi, no puedo dormir... con esas lágrimas ggooteando encima de miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
#299066 21 Jul 2009
THANKS TO ALL...the thirteen makes reference to the time of s relationship with my girlfriend...I am sorry but I don´t know a lot about wk40 ´s stories...jejejje I will reada more...big in japan...Gracias a todos por el cariño mostrado año tras año...gracais po estar ahi conmigo
#298848 Rating: 10 19 Jul 2009
The XIII written on the banner is a dedicatory for a special person for him, nothing about companys, etc. Parece que ya ha pasado una eternidad desde el GD y al final las cosas son como sabes, se recuerda la figura. Poco que añadir a lo que ya sabes, sigue con tu estilo y tócame algo con la próxima...Un placer aconsejar en lo que se pueda, pequeño GRAN cerdo!
#298776 Rating: 10 17 Jul 2009
mmmmmhhhhhhhh... great! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
#298684 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2009
Cracking Space Wolf!!! Just love everything about this mini!! Top Job!!
#298670 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2009
There are a lot of Famous Space Wolf miniatures from Golden Demon competitions, and I think your work, can now join this club, of amaizng Wolves!
#298555 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2009
Un 10 sin discusion una gran minatura.
#298525 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2009
meravillosoooo! I really like your style...CIAO!






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