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Lava Dragon
Manufacturer: Ral Partha
Category: Fantasy

by Hot Lead

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Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon

This should be familiar for the folks who've seen my website, but it's a good mini for my first CMON pic. These are new shots with my digital camera - a lot better than the overbright ones on my site (which will be replaced soon! ;^)

Mini is the dragon from the RP box set 'The Antagonists', with the saddle removed and scales sculpted instead. Base is made from Super Sculpey.

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Viewer comments:
#377226 Rating: 8 5 Sep 2012
It's very crazy the bases compliment
#193728 Rating: 10 4 Sep 2006
Tell me thats a clear cast with a light bulp inside it and an inkwash. my mouth has been open for too long now looking for your gallery that there is a large puddle of drool accumulating on the floor, at that i bid you good night. P.S im serious, message me, i need tips, from you.
#176312 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2006
Frikkin' AWE-SOME! That's all I can say!
#137577 Rating: 10 19 Jun 2005
Scale of 10? I'd give this about a 15. AWESOME use of heat, light, and the feeling that this dragon is not only at home here, he's downright comfy. Beautiful.
#116348 Rating: 9 2 Jan 2005
This is between a 9 and a 10 for me. The only thing I can say about it is that you may have gone just a little over-the-top with the lighting effects. Besides that, it's awesome!
#104915 Rating: 10 8 Oct 2004
This is the best &*^%ing paint job I have ever seen and to make it even better, this is one of my favorite dragons! I am soo jealous lol. To bad the scale only goes to 10 tho...
#103632 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2004
This is one of the greatest dragon minis I have ever seen, great job with making the upper parts look like they are cooling, I just love this mini.
#99399 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2004
Wow! @#%*!!! score thingy only goes to ten. I gasped out loud when I saw this. I think I'd need a thesaurus to adequetly describe how I feel about this. Holy cats. This has to be the most effective miniature on the site. Very inspiring.
#83035 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2004
I'd be scared to touch it. Looks like it would burn my fingers.
#82709 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2004
Mein EYES!!! Wow, dude, that's incredible. I actually squinted when I first saw it!






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