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Blood Angels Baal Predator
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Picster

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Blood Angels Baal Predator

Blood Angels Baal Predator

I painted this Baal for the Germany Games Day but sadly i couldn't participate because of some organization chaos from my side

lots of work went into this guy, i sadly made some mistakes because it was my first vehicle ever painted and so i got some bad mistakes in his development that slowed everything down and some things really annoyed me in the end....

So now he is part of my Army .... for the Emperor!


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Viewer comments:
#317716 Rating: 10 16 Mar 2010
Altobelli!!! what a perfect paint! Really love it, specially the freehands. Greets Knegge
#317552 Rating: 10 14 Mar 2010
a hugely impressive conversion and freehand paint job. this piece would have rocked at the games day.
#316220 Rating: 10 25 Feb 2010
Hm, red seems to be the new blue... Great job, so many details! Love it.
#315637 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2010
This looks lain awesome, the freehand on the tank looks amazing, as does the OSL! In fact, this is one of the few tanks that combines intricate freehand and realistic weathering! I particularly like the mud spletters - fantastic!
#312368 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2010
Winsel....We´re not worthy! We´re not worthy! Just love it!
#310362 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2009
officialy INSANE!!!!!!
#306662 Rating: 10 27 Oct 2009
That is the best Baal Pred I have ever seen. Great Job! I would love to the army that went with it
#305271 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2009
Freehands are really nice. But the OSL made me impressed. On the other hand I`m not fancy about such huge amount of dirt. But nevertheless it`s a spectacular paintjob!. Congrats, Szary.
#302239 Rating: 10 5 Sep 2009
#301920 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2009
BÄM! Keep on happy painting my friend! Regards jar






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