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Sister Compassion
Manufacturer: Dark Age
Category: SF

by Jenova

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Sister Compassion

Sister Compassion

I really enjoyed painting this one Good clean casting and not overloaded with details. It probably only took around 5-6 hours (and that's something for me!)

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#44038 Rating: 9 7 Jul 2003
AMAZING! I really like this sculpt, and what you have done with it. Nice NMM... Someday I to will be able to accomplish that
#38749 Rating: 9 17 May 2003
Hssss. She's just oozes sensuality. You just know she's got something good to give I bet that snow is just steaming away around her she's so hot. I love your color choices on this one. I used to dislike this mini, now I love it. Thanks
#38546 Rating: 9 15 May 2003
Inge, I love the turquoise bodysuit! works really well! and your use of a limited pallette gives this model a striking appearance. The gold NMM on her hat-thing is probably the best I have seen from you yet! The snow seems to be especially realistic - nice one Inge!!! -Peter
#38157 Rating: 9 11 May 2003
As usual your skin tones are very realistic and I love the turquoise colour of the outfit. The se-nmm gold on the head piece was well executed as is the nmm on the injectors. Almost makes me want to be sick if she will take care of me On Second thought, those huge needles scare the livin' bejeezes outa me! Great Job Inge! Mike
#38152 Rating: 8 11 May 2003
very nice work (especially for such short time) , and gems, NMM headgear and clothing; however, the hair could use depth (at least that´s the way I like it) and snow seems an odd place for such a maid to be...

#38150 Rating: 9 11 May 2003
Lovely work. I love to see the Dark Age figures in original colour schemes. The turquoise suit is very appropriate. With the tan and bleached hair, if it wasn't for the snow, I'd think she was guarding the waters Only criticism is that the lips seem to lack definition (although I like the choice of colour)






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