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Death Guard Plague Marines Unit 2
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Xcorac

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Death Guard Plague Marines Unit 2

Death Guard Plague Marines Unit 2

I know it isnot too exciting, but here is the second (of 6) squad of my Death Guard.

I imagine the Death Guard still wearing their old pre-heresy armors (or at least parts of it) with some chaotic modifications. Thus, I chose the light grey as major color. And if you look very carefully you can even spot some rests of the old markings.
I wanted to accomplish an cold and acid industrial look, so I didn't sculpt any demonic mutations, but a bit of plague boils...

Hope you like the unit...

I am always grateful for any comments and/or criticism!

Happy painting and thanks for looking!

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Viewer comments:
#306912 Rating: 8 30 Oct 2009
I realy like the atmosphere you give to your marines.
#302417 Rating: 9 7 Sep 2009
Puss for the puss god!
#302341 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2009
Great unit! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar

#302312 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2009
I normally do not like plaque marines, because they are too busy, but this industrial look is just great. The plaque parts totally fit to the rusty armor parts. The only reason not giving a ten is that the "basic colour" (light grey) would look a bit better with a bit more contrast. Like the base also, 9.5 to me.
#302310 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2009
waw!!!increible,very good oxid effects i like so much the colors!!! excellent work.congratulations. alavado sea nurgle"!!!
#302298 Rating: 9 6 Sep 2009
Holy Hell, these are great looking! I like the bases and the various green goos, around the bodies... Thumbs Up!






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