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Mounted High Elf Mage II
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Kristo

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Mounted High Elf Mage II

Mounted High Elf Mage II

Higher quality picture just of the front, more angles in my gallery. NMM as usual. This turned out to be quite the project and took longer than I expected, so I'm glad it's finally finished. I had alot of fun with the freehand designs, dragons and eagles is the theme, which seemed fitting for an high elf. Hope you like it!

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#420587 Rating: 10 28 May 2014
Love this work!
#374925 Rating: 9 4 Aug 2012
My gods, I meant a 9+! Sorry! Too busy gushing!
#374924 Rating: 6 4 Aug 2012
Lovely blend, very nice work on the spherical stuff, and the freehand images are nice. Crunchy snow and branches... Maybe a slightly different flesh-shade for the horse's nose, to differ a bit more from the elf-his-self? That's really one of the only things I could think of to suggest? Really nice work.
#303157 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2009
perfect. excelent and subtle shades and freehand. regards.

#302948 Rating: 9 15 Sep 2009
Oh no, sorry, I checked again and I found what I don't like: The staff looks strange, because highlights and reflections aren't placed like in NMM - only the same colour suggests it's NMM.

#302946 Rating: 9 15 Sep 2009
Wow I love the mood -I like how the mini hiding in the night (9,5)
#302837 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2009
#302828 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2009
Just one word: AMAZING
#302429 Rating: 10 7 Sep 2009
riktigt riktigt snygg (och jag tycker inte ens om alver vanligtvis...) färgvalet och freehand'en är fantastiskt bra! är inte riktgt lika övertygad om basen men den funkar. kort och gott en skitsnygg modell!
#302367 Rating: 10 6 Sep 2009
Amazing work! The subtle color really allows your freehand to shine. The color transition on the blue-black fabric is beautiful. I also really like the dapple coat on the horse. Congratulations on a stunning piece.






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