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Big Tau Battlesuit v2
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by fildunn

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Big Tau Battlesuit v2

Big Tau Battlesuit v2

another one!


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#368522 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2012
I mean, I can recognize the origin of a relative amount of parts used, for example: Head - XV25 Stealth suit Cannons, knees and main body - Hammerhead Shoulderpads - Tetra or Pirahna Shield Generator - Drone Sentry Turret ...but many other parts are harder to see where they come from.
#368521 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2012
As told on another one - would you mind making a tutorial for these? I mean, considering that you have made, what, three(?), they shouldn't be that extremely hard, no?
#367870 Rating: 8 18 Apr 2012
Hay Mate wow Great work i'm just wondering if you have any photo's of how you put this together as i would love to build one of my own thanks mate if you can email me on on your work thanks mate Wayne
#325626 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2010
wow just wow
#322716 Rating: 10 23 May 2010
Just amazing!! Saw the finished product in white dwarf. wish there was a little more write up on it.
#321752 Rating: 10 10 May 2010
Just fantastic. Would buy it at once, if I could my get my hands on it. Great work. Maybe you should try a Super Heavy Necron conversion? Greets DaMatze
#321271 Rating: 10 4 May 2010
Sweet mother of everything holy... I always disliked the Tau Battlesuits... but you have what I think the Tau suits SHOULD have looked like. Kudos, man!
#310003 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2009
amazing yes please a tutorial on how you made that! can't wait to see it painted
#304639 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2009
Could you please tell us how you constructed that? PLEASE!?
#303342 Rating: 10 21 Sep 2009
Please, PLEASE... Paint it!






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