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Bannière de Slaanesh
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Olivier B

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Bannière de Slaanesh

Bannière de Slaanesh

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#389060 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2013
banner is just top class!
#317217 Rating: 9 9 Mar 2010
I assume this is a very clever and unique use of the "hollow face illusion" (look it up on Wikipedia). Great work, and i love the purples.
#317197 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2010
Stunningly unnerving how the face of Slaanesh leers back at you no matter which direction you look at him from!
#317173 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2010
I dunno if it is an optical illusion due to pics, but at the first banner pics the face looks at its left at the second loks straight on at the this loks at its right side. I'm sure that is an optical problem. However is ana amazing hand job, stunning! great
#317165 Rating: 10 9 Mar 2010
there was no Photoshop used,I saw it in real on the Games day .The face is sculped thats why she look on you every time.
#317079 Rating: 9 8 Mar 2010
That must be photoshopped. According to the "view" of the banner, the faces point in the opposite directions (always to the viewer). Either these are pics of incredibly perfect copies from other minis with different face-angles or the face is photoshopped. But apart of that, I fall in love with the mini itself. However, I wanna know whats up with that face...
#316740 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2010
But... How? :o Is this photoshoped?
#304235 Rating: 10 2 Oct 2009
This is one of those minis that you'd kill to see in real life
#303158 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2009
Owww...brain hurts........banner...too good....
#303150 Rating: 10 17 Sep 2009
Incredible freehand!






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